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Apollo likes girls... - girls like robots!

  • 01 March 2014

During this year´s Girls Day on March 27, fifteen girls visited the humanoid robot "Apollo" in the Autonomous Motion Department. Furthermore they spent a while in the Empirical Inference Department learning about Computational Imaging. The girls also had a lot of fun programming the two little Nao robots. Furthermore they even managed the challenge to construct a simple lens system. Thanks to our colleagues Jeannette, Felix, Michael, Julia, Andrea and Claudia who allowed Girls Day to be a special day at the institute. Hopefully it will motivate some of the girls to orientate themselves towards nature sciences and technology.


sg Thumb sm 2015 04 claudia portrait
Claudia Daefler
Public Relations
am Thumb sm me portrait
Jeannette Bohg
Affiliated Researcher
am Thumb sm ao
Andrea Odermatt
Personal Assistant (on leave at the moment)
am Thumb sm felix
Felix Grimminger
Mechatronics Engineer