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Scientists at the MPI for Intelligent Systems receive more than 3 Million Euro ERC Starting Grants

Intelligent Systems Research: Spanning the Length Scale

Stuttgart / Tübingen. Five years of basic research is secured: The physicist Dr. Laura Na Liu and the computer scientist Dr. Ludovic Righetti, both from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, receive an ERC Starting Grant of 1,5 Million Euro, respectively. Prof. Jan Peters, head of the robot learning group at the institute (while mainly active as full professor at the TU Darmstadt) will invest part of his ERC starting grant into his research group at the institute. The researchers have won against 3.273 applicants - only 10 per cent of the submitted project appraisals receive the requested award, granted by the European Research Council (ERC).


mg Thumb sm righetti
Ludovic Righetti
Research Group Leader
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Jan Peters
Research Group Leader
sn Thumb sm na liu 1
Laura Na Liu
Research Group Leader