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Photo: Alejandro Posada / MPI for Intelligent Systems

Featured Cover Article

Our paper "Nanopropellers and Their Actuation in Complex Viscoelastic Media“ is the cover article for ACS Nano 8, 8794–8801, (2014). In addition the ACS Nano September 2014 podcast features our work. News sites and blogs report our work as "world’s smallest propeller“. (September 2014) Image by Alejandro Posada Boada.


pf Thumb sm schamel  debora
Debora Schamel
Postdoc. fellow Harvard
pf Thumb sm mark andrew
Andrew Mark
pf Thumb sm gibbs  john
John Gibbs
Now Assistant Professor in Physics at Northern Arizona University
pf Thumb sm miksch  cornelia
Cornelia Miksch
Research Technician
sg Thumb sm apb
Alejandro Posada
Visual Content Creator
pf Thumb sm peer fischer portrait
Peer Fischer
Professor, University of Stuttgart<br/ >Max Planck Research Group Leader