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New research emphasis "Intelligent Systems"

New research emphasis "Intelligent Systems"

Max Planck Society establishes highly innovative research facility for "Intelligent Systems" in Baden-Württemberg

  • 15 February 2011
  • Stuttgart/Tuebingen

The Max Planck Society is restructuring the Max Planck Institute for Metals Research, thereby creating a research facility that will focus on the area of intelligent systems. This includes computer sciences and biology, as well as innovative aspects of materials research, already part of the work at the Institute. In addition to the Stuttgart location, another division of the Institute will be established in Tübingen. Each site will have four research departments. To reflect its new orientation, the Institute will also be given a new name. Subject to approval from the Max Planck Society's Senate, it will be called the "Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems". Max Planck Society President, Peter Gruss introduced the new scientific concept of the Institute together with Minister-President Stefan Mappus (CDU) at a regional press conference in Stuttgart.


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Michael Black