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Interface-controlled phenomena in nanomaterials


MPI Year Book

Nanosized material systems characteristically exhibit an excessively high internal interface density. A series of previously unknown phenomena in nanomaterials have been disclosed that are fundamentally caused by the presence of interfaces. Thus anomalously large and small lattice parameters in nanocrystalline metals, quantum stress oscillations in growing nanofilms, and extraordinary atomic mobility at ultralow temperatures have been observed and explained. The attained understanding for these new phenomena can lead to new, sophisticated applications of nanomaterials in advanced technologies.

Author(s): Mittemeijer, Eric J.; Wang, Zumin
Year: 2016

Bibtex Type: MPI Year Book (mpi_year_book)

URL: https://www.mpg.de/9865970/MPI-MF_JB_2016?c=11741001


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