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Reducing 3D Vibrations to 1D in Real Time




In this demonstration, you will hold two pen-shaped modules: an in-pen and an out-pen. The in-pen is instrumented with a high-bandwidth three-axis accelerometer, and the out-pen contains a one-axis voice coil actuator. Use the in-pen to interact with different surfaces; the measured 3D accelerations are continually converted into 1D vibrations and rendered with the out-pen for you to feel. You can test conversion methods that range from simply selecting a single axis to applying a discrete Fourier transform or principal component analysis for realistic and brisk real-time conversion.

Author(s): Gunhyuk Park and Katherine J. Kuchenbecker
Year: 2018
Month: June

Department(s): Haptic Intelligence
Research Project(s): Reducing 3D Vibrations to 1D
Bibtex Type: Miscellaneous (misc)

Address: Pisa, Italy
How Published: Hands-on demonstration presented at EuroHaptics


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