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{Interpreting first-order reversal curves beyond the Preisach model: An experimental permalloy microarray investigation}




First-order reversal curves (FORCs) are a powerful tool to separate microscopic coercivities and interactions in a system without the need for lateral resolution. However, measured FORC densities are not always straightforward to interpret, especially if the system is interaction dominated and the Preisach-like interpretation of the FORC density breaks down. This is why FORC is often seen as a magnetic fingerprint instead of a measurement method yielding quantitative information. To understand additional features arising from the interactions in the system, we purposely designed permalloy microstructures which violate the Mayergoyz criteria. These artificial systems allow us to isolate the origin of an additional interaction peak in the FORC density. Modeling the system as a superposition of dipoles allows us to extract interaction strength parameters from this static simulation. Additionally, we suggest a linear relation between integrated interaction peak volume and interaction strength within the system. The presented correlation could be used to investigate the interaction behavior of samples as a function of structural parameters within a series of FORC measurements. This is an important step towards a more quantitative understanding of FORCs which violate the Mayergoyz criteria and away from a fingerprint interpretation.

Author(s): Groß, F. and Ilse, S. E. and Schütz, G. and Gräfe, J. and Goering, E.
Journal: {Physical Review B}
Volume: 99
Number (issue): 6
Year: 2019
Publisher: American Physical Society

Department(s): Modern Magnetic Systems
Research Project(s): First-Order Reversal Curves
Bibtex Type: Article (article)

Address: Woodbury, NY
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.99.064401
Language: eng


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