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Testing Computational Models of Goal Pursuit


Conference Paper


Goals are essential to human cognition and behavior. But how do we pursue them? To address this question, we model how capacity limits on planning and attention shape the computational mechanisms of human goal pursuit. We test the predictions of a simple model based on previous theories in a behavioral experiment. The results show that to fully capture how people pursue their goals it is critical to account for people’s limited attention in addition to their limited planning. Our findings elucidate the cognitive constraints that shape human goal pursuit and point to an improved model of human goal pursuit that can reliably predict which goals a person will achieve and which goals they will struggle to pursue effectively.

Author(s): Florian Mohnert and Mateo Tosic and Falk Lieder
Year: 2019
Month: September

Department(s): Rationality Enhancement
Research Project(s): Computational Models of Goal Pursuit
Bibtex Type: Conference Paper (conference)
Paper Type: Conference

DOI: 10.32470/CCN.2019.1350-0
Event Name: CCN2019

State: Published
URL: https://ccneuro.org/2019/proceedings/0001095.pdf


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